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we can heal the planet

From footprinters to handprinters

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We've all heard about
our negative impacts, but…

What is my Footprint?

Footprint - the sum of all the negative impacts on the planet we share, of all the activities it takes to provide each of us with the products and services we buy and use in a year, including the impacts from using and disposing of them.

Global supply chains

Each activity in the supply chain can have negative impacts. The sum of all the negative impacts across its full supply chain are its footprint.

A footprint for every product

Global chains of activities provide is with the products and services in our lives. Even “locally grown vegetables” have a global supply chain when you look deeply

Many footprints actually

The impacts of a single product are diverse, and can include ocean pollution, air pollution, water depletion, human health impacts, ecosystem impacts, wastes, and more.

Daily steps to yearly totals

My annual footprints are the sums of the footprints of all the goods and services that I buy and use in a year. They are like the cost, to everyone else, of me being here for a year and living my life the way that I do.

Reducing your footprint
is a great place to start

Just take one of the actions from the list! There are so many ways to shrink your footprint.
Hundreds of people are using these ideas to reduce their footprints.

But I want to be really positive.
Not just less bad.

Be part of a positive future


Handprinter is a project of NewEarth B, which is a for-benefit corporation, with a mission of providing positive environmental and social impacts. The two current projects of NewEarth B are Handprinter and the Social Hotspots Database.


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