Want to take doing good to a global scale? You're not alone

Through Handprinter, creative individual actions and outreach generate ripple effects to touch and heal your community and the globe.

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Yes shrink your footprint.
But also grow your handprint!

We all want to do more good than harm. Handprinter helps you live it. Add ideas and inspiration, calculate and track your impacts, watch your handprint grow to exceed your footprint. Launch and join micro-movements to reach the world and heal it.

What are handprints?

We've all heard about our footprints: negative impacts of the things we buy and use. We need to reduce them, but footprints are only part of the story.

We can also have handprints: positive impacts in the world, including ways we help others to reduce their footprints. Handprinter lets you work with people in your neighborhood and around the world to grow your handprint -- and reduce your footprint too. Get started today!

With enough handprints, we can heal the planet!

Be part of a positive future


Handprinter is a project of NewEarth B, which is a for-benefit corporation, with a mission of providing positive environmental and social impacts. The two current projects of NewEarth B are Handprinter and the Social Hotspots Database.


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