What if middle schools and high schools could collectively raise millions of dollars for local school projects while saving their communities millions more in energy costs saving thousands of lives that would be lost to air pollution. It’s remarkably doable, and you can be part of it.

Owens Corning donated 300 water heater blankets to the first school, in Boston, where a water heater blanket will save a typical household $5/month in water heating costs. The first school donates these blankets to local households, asking them to share the first 9 months of savings back to the school, letting each household reap hundreds of dollars of future savings. When the school receives $45 per blanket from the benefitting households, they keep $15 (more than $4000 raised for each school) and use the remainder to buy two more blankets, passing the program forward to two more schools.

Your school and students can watch their influence grow as their ripple effects spread out across the country and beyond. Each school’s handprint will eventually dwarf its footprint. And water heater blankets are just one of dozens of possible ways to participate, to raise money for your school, and launch a wave of global healing. Curriculum materials developed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education are available to help you use footprinting and handprinting to bring STEM concepts to life in the classroom.

If you’re a household receiving a blanket, click the “Donate now” button on the right to contribute 9 months of energy savings to your participating school. Be sure to enter the name of your school in the “designation” field on the donation form.

If you’re an educator, please contact us to learn how your school can participate.

Donate to Handprinter

The eventual handprint of a donation now to the Handprinter Creation Fund could be incredibly huge. We’re already set up to measure it for you. And we will. Our mission is to make the handprint of your donation literally world-changing. And world-healing.

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