About our data


Our data for basic per capita carbon footprints comes from the Carbon Footprint of Nations project. We are developing the additional capability to fine-tune estimated footprints using personal data on such important activities as travel, home heating, and diet.


The data for the few initial handprint actions now available in our app are the precursor to something big. They come from a study published by Gardner and Stern, which identified the most effective actions that US households can take to curb climate change.

The handprint database will soon become more globally relevant, and modeling of the impacts of handprint actions will be open-sourced via a transparent system we are excited to launch during early 2014 thanks to a grant from the Harvard Office for Sustainability. Users and all interested contributors will be able to introduce new handprint actions, and help each other continually refine the modeling of impacts. The data and information will link to best-available life cycle assessment (LCA) data for each purchased good and service in each country. 





We started the Handprinter app with data on the climate change impacts of products. During 2013 we created a new version for retailers which includes a full spectrum of environmental impacts. In 2014 we’ll bring this capability to the Personal Handprinter app.  We’ll then address social risks and opportunities in supply chains as well, bringing data from New Earth’s Social Hotspot Database (socialhotspot.org). With some effort and creativity, you can become a handprinter on as many dimensions of sustainability as you choose.

Donate to Handprinter

The eventual handprint of a donation now to the Handprinter Creation Fund could be incredibly huge. We’re already set up to measure it for you. And we will. Our mission is to make the handprint of your donation literally world-changing. And world-healing.

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