Our Mission

Information. Collaboration. Positive global change.

Nearly everyone wants to heal the planet – not hurt it. But we also know that it’s going to take more than the frugality of a few eco-conscious people to make the changes that are needed. It will take engagement of nearly everyone, globally, locally, recurrently innovating in our homes and workplaces and schools and communities.

The Handprinter website and a growing family of apps are designed to empower all people to inform and encourage one another to make these changes, to be the groundswell we wish to see in the world.


2013 Was a Big Year for Handprinter!

We launched in 2012 as a small beta with big plans.  2013 was a big year for development of Handprinter thanks to a growing set of partners.  

We partnered with a global clothing company to create a milt-impact version of Handprinter for use by retailers.  Contact us to learn more, and to participate in the next phase of this exciting development.

With Owens Corning we launched a new handprinting program for middle schools.  In this program, schools help their communities save money on energy, and by capturing a portion of those savings, they are able to pass the program on to two more schools — growing their handprint! — and to also raise funds for needed projects at their own schools.  

We’ve started to partner with faculty and students in the School of Education at Harvard University to develop curriculum materials about handprints for middle school teachers.

A grant from the Harvard Office For Sustainability will launch an open source website to “crowd source” handprint action ideas and the assessment of their impacts.  

And our founder co-directs a new program at the Center for Health and the Global Environment in the Harvard School of Public Health, which is engaging leading companies to apply and help advance methods of handprint accounting for organizations.  Check out http://chge.med.harvard.edu/SHINE

We’d thank our volunteers who have translated this website and the Personal Handprinter app into several languages, and we’d love to hear from new volunteers to make handprinter available in as many languages as possible.  

Donate to Handprinter

The eventual handprint of a donation now to the Handprinter Creation Fund could be incredibly huge. We’re already set up to measure it for you. And we will. Our mission is to make the handprint of your donation literally world-changing. And world-healing.

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