A Handprint Workshop for Anyone Anywhere

October 1, 2012 | Post by admin

by Jon R. Biemer, P.E.   Handprint explanations only go so far, especially for us kinesthetic people, especially for young people, especially if you want to transform your thinking into action.  Consider offering a handprint workshop to your family, friends, neighbors, students or co-workers. All ages can participate. It takes an hour or so. Give […]


Why Invest in the Environmental Handprint?

August 24, 2012 | Post by admin

by Jon R. Biemer, P.E.   There is a huge risk associated with exclusively focusing on the damage we do to our environment – our footprint.  The world knows that glaciers are melting, that the average temperature is rising, and that it would take eight planets worth of resources if everyone consumed as much as […]


Discerning Minds Ask, “How Do Carbon Offsets Really Work?”

August 17, 2012 | Post by admin

by Jon R. Biemer, P.E.   I was challenged to revisit the world of carbon offsetting by a comment regarding my May 29, 2012 blog entry (“Carbon Offsets for the No-excuses Handprinter”). Val Fishman, VP for Corporate Partnerships for Bonneville Environmental Foundation (, served as my guide. My certificate from BEF says that I purchased […]


Reusing, Embodied Energy – And Save Your Plastic Spoon

August 10, 2012 | Post by admin

by Jon R. Biemer, P.E. Almost once a week I go to a potluck where we use plastic utensils.  No kitchen on site.  For two years I have been asking people to give me their used plastic forks and spoons so I can wash them and bring them back.  I tell everyone, “Lick your spoons […]


Rachel Carson – Handprint Hero

June 27, 2012 | Post by admin

by Jon R. Biemer, P.E.   Handprints are about more than Global Warming. The Book Silent Spring, written by Rachel Carson, showed how pesticides were tearing at our fabric of life.  How DDT was associated with the thinness of falcon and eagle eggs. How pesticides could be linked to cancer. How long-lasting toxic substances concentrate […]